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Teacher Websites

Our staff at Bryn Mawr use a variety of websites to communicate classroom news to you. Below you will find links to individual teacher websites. Scroll to find your teacher's name and click on the link below the name. 

5th Grade

Ms. Muto


4th Grade

Mr. Perry

Ms. Smith-Gordon


3rd Grade

Ms. Menard, Ms. Peterson & Ms. Hamm


1st Grade

Ms. Tibbils-Riley


Ms. Lockett

Go to

Click the plus sign at the top of the page and click “Join class”

Mrs. Lockett will be in touch with our classroom code for you to login.



Directions for connecting to Ms. LaFleur's website on Seesaw:

Family members set up accounts in Seesaw by choosing their student's name using the link below. Once set up, you will be prompted to approve family access to each student journal.



Ms. Alegre


Math Coach

Ms. Latimer



Mr. Dupea & Mr. Deuel

(In order to access Class Dojo, please request a code from Mr. Dupea by emailing You can also sign up by clicking "Parent" and then look for your child.)